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ZWO Finder Shoe FS-II

RM 75.00


ZWO Finder Shoe

Finder shoe from ZWO for your finder scope and guide scope that can match your ASIAIR PRO/PLUS and ZWO holder ring.


Connecting Methods:

1. Connecting to ASIAIR PRO:

To connecting to ASIAIR PRO, you need to use the two M4x8mm screws in the package. The connecting method can be rather flexible, you can either attach the finder shoe to the back or the sides of ASIAIR PRO.


2. Connecting to finder scope:


After you are done connecting the finder shoe to ASIAIR PRO, you can directly attach your finder scope to it, and adjust the tightness via the long screws on the side.

Then use the Dovetail Groove to fix ASIAIR PRO to your telescope.



3. Connecting to the ZWO holder ring:

Use the two M4x8mm screws in the package to connect the finder shoe to the holder ring for ASI cameras.


Mechanical Diagram:



What’s in the box?

Finder shoe *1

M4x8mm screws *2