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Skywatcher Star Discovery Wifi 150P Telescope

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Sky-Watcher Star Discovery 150P Pro  Wifi Go-To Telescope 

Sky-Watcher Star Discovery series telescope is excellent dual function telescope - astronomy and photography. Based on original all view mount, Sky-Watcher Star Discovery features not only astronomy usage, but also has camera control for features includes - paranoma, tilting, panning and timelapse.

 Large 150mm (6") of light gathering aperture combined with superb parabolic optics, the Star Discovery 150P computerised Go-To telescope is a highly capable all-rounder with excellent performance for the observation of the Moon, planets, nebulae, galaxies and star clusters.

Computerised SynScan™ AZ hand control allows you slew your telescope automatically to a specific object, or even tour the night sky at the touch of a button!! The user-friendly menu system allows automatic slewing to over 42,900 night sky objects. Even an inexperienced astronomer can master its variety of features in a few observing sessions.

Sky-Watcher Star Discovery mount is upgraded version of AZ Go-To mount featuring Freedom Finder™ dual encoder technology. This allows telescope, once aligned, to be moved manually or electronically in either axis without losing its alignment or positional information. After moving to a new object, the mount will continue to track it accurately. This gives the user enormous freedom, convenience and flexibility during observational sessions.


  • 150mm Objective Diameter
  • 354X Maximum Magnification
  • Parabolic Newtonian Optics
  • Enhanced Reflectivity Mirror 94%, Quartz Overcoated Anti Tarnish Optical Coating
  • 750mm Focal Length
  • F/5 Focal Ratio
  • 459x Light Gathering Capacity
  • 0.78 Arc Second Resolution
  • Star Discovery Synscan AZ Mount
  • Spring Loaded Anti Backlash Worm Gear Drive System
  • Freedom Finder Technology Dual Encoder System
  • Manual Unlocking Clutch
  • 0-90 Degree Operation
  • Paranoma, Timelapse, Tilting, Video Cruise And Panning Support
  • 42,900+ Object Database On Controller
  • 11,000+ Object Database On Wifi (Upgradable To 100 Million Object Database)
  • Brightest Star, 2 Star, 1 Star (Daytime Alignment)
  • 1 Star, 3 Star, Brightest Star, Level North Align On Wifi Mode
  • Aligment Object Includes Sun, Moon And Planets
  • Internal Battery Compartment
  • USB Support
  • Power Supply Port, Camera Snap Port Intergrated
  • Synscan V5 System 
  • Metallic Red Paint Finishing


Include Items

  • Skywatcher 150P Newtonian Telescope
  • Skywatcher Star Discovery Mount
  • 1.25'' 23mm Aspheric 62° Eyepiece
  • 1.25'' 10mm Aspheric 62° Eyepiece
  • Synscan V5 Controller
  • 6x24 Optical Finder Scope 
  • Sun Finder Scope
  • Dust Caps
  • User Manual

Please Noted Once Use Wifi, Phone Time And GPS Will Be Used. Can Be Linked To Sky Safari App For Telescope Control

Full 3 Years Warranty With Full Optical Inspection, Focuser Tuning Service And Electronic (Controller And Wifi Testing) Prior Shipping As Part Of Quality Control Policy. Store In 40-50% Humidity Controlled Warehouse To Prevent Optical Degradation In Storage

Free To Download Stellarium Software For Assistance In Astronomical Observation

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