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Skywatcher Skymax 180 HEQ5 Pro Computerized Telescope

RM 8,100.00


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Skywatcher Skymax 180mm Maksutov HEQ5 Pro

180mm Maksutov Cassegrain Is Known As "Planet Scope" Due To It's Design - Small 5.2% Central Obstruction And Schott Optical Glass. Perform As Good As APO Refractor Telescope, But At Fraction Of Price. Maksutov Cassegrain Provides Well Corrected Flat Field Of View - Minimum Spherical Aberation And Coma Free. Small Central Obstruction Boost Highest Contrast In All Cassegrain Designed Telescope.

A 180mm Maksutov Cassegrain Can Easily Match Up 150mm APO Refractor But At 1/3 Price. Visually You Will See Highest Contrast And Brightness Of Celestial Image


HEQ5 Pro Is Known Worldwide Professional Imaging Mount. Study, Stable And Egonormic. Best Combination For Planetary Imager. Great For Deep Space By Using Standard DLSR With Telephoto Lens


  • 180mm Maksutov Cassegrain Optical Design
  • 203mm Primary Oversized Mirror
  • Metallic High Tranmission Coating, 99.5% Tranmission Rate
  • 429X Max Magnifications
  • 661x Light Gathering Power
  • 41mm Secondary Mirror
  • 22.8% Central Obstruction By Diameter
  • 5.2% Central Obstruction By Area
  • 33mm Baffle Exit Size
  • 2'' Accessories Support
  • HEQ5 Pro German Equatorial Mount
  • 42,900+ Object Database
  • 15Kg Max Payload Capacity
  • 1.75'' Stainless Steel Tripod
  • 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star Alignment
  • Solar Alignment, Polar Alignment (Single Star Polar Align)
  • Solar, Lunar, Sidereal Track Speed
  • 17-77 Degree Latitude Support Default (Upgradable to 0 Degree Latitude)
  • USB Support
  • PEC Support, Autoguide Support
  • 27.8Kg Total Assembled Weight

Included Items

  • Skywatcher Skymax 180 Maksutov Telescope
  • Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro Mount
  • 1.75'' Stainless Steel Tripod
  • 2'' 28mm LET Eyepiece
  • 2'' Star Diagonal
  • 9x50 Finder Scope
  • 5.1Kg Counterweight
  • Accessories Tray
  • Synscan V5 Controller