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Sharpstar ASKAR FMA 180 Pro Astrophotography Telescope

RM 1,525.00


ASKAR FMA 180 Pro Is Newer Generation FMA 180 Intend Design To Be Use As Portable Astrophotography Prime Lens

Convetional FMA 180 Uses Standard Mini Vixen Finder Dovetail Shoe Limiting To Be Piggy Back On Telescope Or Require Custom Finder Scope Shoe To Be Use, With Now Included Standard Vixen Dovetail Bar With 1/4-20 Scre Thread And Top Mini guidescope/ Finderscope Dovetail Clamp, This Make The FMA 180 Pro As Versatile Compact Astrograph Telescope

180mm Focal Length With 40mm Primary Optics, Operating @ F/4.5 With Dual ED Sextuple Design (6 Lens) Provide Flat Field For APSC Size Camera And Also Can Be Use With Full Frame Camera (44mm Imaging Circle) Built In Camera Rotator Allow You To Adjust The Angle Needed For Your Camera For Photography


  • 40mm 5 Element Petzval Design
  • 180mm Native Focal Length @ F/4.5
  • Dual ED Objective Lens
  • 168mm Total Length 
  • Helical Focuser
  • 0.8Kg Total Weight
  • Included 150mm Vixen Dovetail Bar
  • Included Top Finder Scope Attachment Saddle
  • Built In Camera Rotator

Included Items

  • Sharp-Star ASKAR FMA 180 Pro
  • Vixen Dovetail Bar
  • Top Mini Vixen Clamp
  • M48 Adapter
  • 1 Years Local Warranty

Official Distributor For Sharp-Star Optics (Malaysia)