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Orion 2'' Ultrablock Filter

RM 450.00

2'' Orion Ultrablock  Narrowband Filter

Orion Ultrablock Filter Is A Narrowband Filter Specific For Bypass Band Of Oxygen III And Also Hydrogen Beta, Which Is A Critical Emission Spectrum From Most Emission Or Reflection Nebula. The Specific Dual Spectrum Bypass Allow Only Visible Light From Nebula To Pass Thru The Filter And Blocking The Rest Of The Light Spectrum

These High Performance Narrow Band Filter Will Significantly Enhance Visual Appearance Of Nebula By Significantly Enhance The Contrast Of Dim Nebula. Nebula Will Be More Apparent And With More Visible Area With Usage Of Ultrablock Filter. This Filter Will Block All Other Light Pollution When Used



Narrowband Spectrum Cut Off

Orion Ultrablock Narrowband Filter Have 99.9% Transmission Of Hydrogen Beta And Oxygen III Spectrum Emission, Which Cutting Out The Rest Of Light Bandwitdh


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