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Meade ETX 90 Observer Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope

RM 2,799.00

Meade ETX 90 Observer Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope

Starting your astronomy journey with the ETX90 is an excellent choice. Take advantage of 90mm of aperture to enjoy close-up views of the solar system and celestial objects anytime, anywhere. Packing your ETX90 Observer and tripod at a moment’s notice is a breeze with the carrying case and durable tripod bag.

The ETX 90 Observer fully equips the modern explorer with a sophisticated, automated and portable telescope. Its dual-purpose design includes a removable OTA and includes exceptional features like AudioStar, GoTo technology, and large 30,000 object database. It’s a perfect scope to accompany you during camping, hiking, and outdoor activities. Exploring and night-sky stargazing is made fun, easy and educational. With the ETX90, you’ll see planets, stars, galaxies and nebulae with the push of a button. The legacy of the ETX Series continues.

The ETX90 Observer has a Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design for pinpoint star images and extraordinary contrast, making it a great deep sky performer and ideal for detailed lunar and planetary observation at high magnifications. The Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC) give maximum light transmission, ensuring the brightest images and the highest contrast. It has a flip mirror included to let light focus to the rear of the telescope (instead of the mirror reflecting the light 90º to the eyepiece), allowing attachment of a camera on the back of the scope (adapters not included). The ETX90 Observer comes with a bubble level/compass to make sure your tripod and mount are level.

Includes a portable but extremely stable full size steel tripod, and comes with an equatorial tilt plate, allowing for polar alignment which is critical for long exposure astrophotography. Also includes a hard carry case for the mount/optical tube and accessories, and a tripod bag for the tripod.


  • 90mm f/13.8 Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope with Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC); 1250mm focal length
  • AudioStar handbox with over 30,000 objects in it's database & a built-in speaker
  • Removable optical tube assembly (OTA), allowing the user to take the scope off of the fork mount for customization
  • Includes two 1.25'' Super Plössl Eyepieces: 26mm (48x) & 9.7mm (129x), and a Red Dot Viewfinder to help aim the scope
  • Includes a hard carry case for the mount/optical tube and accessories, and a tripod bag for the tripod


  • 90mm Maksutov Cassegrain Optics
  • 1250mm Focal Length
  • F/13.8 Focal Ratio
  • Meade Ultra High Transmission Coating (UHTC)
  • 1.5'' Stainless Steel Tripod With Equatorial Wedge
  • 210x Limiting Magnifications
  • Included Eyepiece Magnifications : 48x And 129x
  • 1.29 Arc Second Resolution
  • 165x Light Gathering Power
  • 30,000 Object Database
  • Audiostar Controller With Hours Of Audio Tour
  • Total Assambled Weight : 8.6Kg
  • Alignment Using Easy Alignment Method
  • Operation Using 6AA Battery

Included Items

  • Meade ETX 90 Observer Telescope
  • 26mm Meade 4000 Super Plossl
  • 9mm Meade 4000 Super Plossl
  • Red Dot Finder Scope
  • Audiostar Controller
  • 1.5'' Stainless Steel Tripod
  • Carrying Case
  • Tripod Bag
  • Compass
  • 2 Years Warranty