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Levenhuk SkyMatic 105 GT Mak Telescope

RM 2,450.00 RM 2,599.00

Levenhuk SkyMatic 105 GT Mak Go-To Telescope

The Levenhuk SkyMatic 105 GT MAK Telescope with GoTo function is of the Maksutov-Cassegrain design. This allows an excellent image quality with high resolution while maintaining a very compact size. Through this telescope you can observe lunar craters with a diameter of just 4.5 miles, the structure of sunspots, the belts of Jupiter and Saturn's rings. Among deep-sky objects this telescope captures stars up to 12 magnitude, globular clusters, nebulae and galaxies.

The telescope has an aperture of f/12.7, which is perfectly suited for most astronomical observations. Maximum useful magnification of 240x and high resolution will provide good quality, sharp images.

Two achromatic eyepieces SUPER 10 and SUPER 25 with a 31.75-millimeter (1.25-inch) diameter are included in the package and serve as powerful image correction tools. The optics used in the eyepiece are glass with a special coating. Field of view is 50-52 degrees.

The telescope comes with an azimuth AZ 114 GT SynScan computer-guided mount. Thanks to the GoTo function, the telescope is capable of capturing any astronomical object with its coordinates stored in the microprocessor memory with incredible accuracy. This computer system will provide automatic guidance to more than 42,900 celestial objects. SkyMatic GoTo mounts are compatible with an external 12V battery pack.


Astrophotos of the Moon and Saturn taken with the Levenhuk SkyMatic 105 GT MAK telescope and the Levenhuk T310 NG digital camera by Joel Sawaski:

Saturn The Moon The Moon at 160x, twelve-sections Registax Photomerge The Moon at 80x, four-sections Registax Photomerge


  • 4''' (102mm) Maksutov Cassegrain Optical Design
  • F/12.7 Focal Ratio
  • 1300mm Focal Length
  • Fully Multi-Coated
  • Diffraction Limited Optics
  • 1.30Arc Seconds Resolution
  • 240X Maximum Magnification
  • 345X Light Gathering Power
  • 1.25'' Focuser
  • Limiting Magnitude 12.0
  • 42,900+ Object Database
  • 25 User Defined Objects
  • Pointing Accuracy Enhancement (PAE)
  • Alignment : 2 Star Align, Brightest Star Alignment, Daytime Alignment
  • Single Fork Arm Mount Alt-Alz
  • Dual Axis Servo Motor With Optical Encoder 


Included Items

  • Levenhuk 102mm Maksutov Cassegrain 
  • Synscan AZ Mount
  • 1.25'' Stainless Steel Tripod
  • Synscan Hand Controller (V4.38)
  • 1.25'' 25mm SMA Eyepiece
  • 1.25'' 10mm SMA Eyepiece
  • 6x30 Achromatic Straight-Thru Finder Scope
  • Screw Driver Set
  • Free Computer Communication Cable (Worth RM90)
  • Free Compass (Worth RM25)
  • Free AC Adapter (Worth RM75)
  • User Manual
  • Levenhuk International Lifetime Warranty


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