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Levenhuk N80 NG "See it all" Slides Set

RM 350.00

Levenhuk N80 Prepared Slides

Have you ever wondered what leaves are made of? Why pine pollen can fly so far? How bees can carry so much pollen? What exactly makes us human; what are we? We invite you on a special journey, where we will learn amazing stories that can be perceived only through the microscope.

With the Levenhuk N80 NG "See it all" Slides Set, you are close to finding out what the world is made of. You'll learn what makes up the tendon, what fish blood looks like, and more. The enclosed colorful guide will tell you an amazing story about each of the samples.

Levenhuk N80 NG "See it all" Slides Set will open a whole new dimension for you—the world at the cellular level.

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