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Celestron Astrofi 5 Computerized Telescope

RM 2,650.00

Nexstar AstroFi 5 Computerized Telescope

Control Your Telescope Wireless With Celestron AstroFi Series. Revolutionary Design Of Performance & Portability. This Is The Most Portable 5'' Computerized Telescope With Nett Assambled Weight Of Only 7.6Kg & Can Be Broken Down To 3 Parts For Transportation

Combining Advance Feature & Aperature, Celestron Nexstar Astrofi Will Take You To The Next Step Of Serious Astronomy, Offering Impressive View Of Deep Space & Planets While Comfortably Sitting On Chair. The 5'' Schmidt-Cassegrain Design Allow Very High Sharpness & Clarity With Unmatched Resolution From Smaller Optics. 

Planets Show More Than Just Colour Bands - Jupiter Will Show It's Complex Weather Band Pattern At Finer Details, Saturn's Ring Showing More Division, Mars Showing It's Polar Ice Caps & Surface Details. Even Small Globular Cluster Start Resolving Into Individual Stars.



Schimdt Cassegrain Optical Design

Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope (Short SCT) - Is Among The Latest New Design In Optical Technology. It Combines Best Of Refractor & Reflector To Minimize The Size Allowing Large Aperature Telescope To Be Compacted Into Small Housing. It Has Better Optical Performance Than Most Reflector And Also Chromatic Aberation Free.


Celestron Astrofi 5 Telescope AreStarbright XLT Coated, Provide High Contrast And Fidelity With Reduction Of Glarring. 


SkyAlign Via Sky Portal Technology 

As Easy As 1-2-3. You Do Not Need To Know Astronomy, But This Doesn't Mean You Cannot Find Astronomical Objects For Viewing. As Easy As 1-2-3, The Celestron Revolutionary SkyAlign Technology Allow A Simple Alignment Procedure Of Telescope And After Complete Alignment, The Telescope Can Provide Accurate Automated Go-To & Tracking Of Objects







  • 5'' (127mm) F/10 Schmidt Cassegrain Optical Telescope
  • F/10 Focal Ratio
  • 1250mm Focal Length
  • Starbright XLT Coating
  • 0.93 Arc Seconds Resolution
  • 295X Maximum Magnification
  • 329X Light Gathering Power
  • Limiting Magnitude 13 
  • 100,000+ Object Database
  • Alignment : Skyalign, Solar System Align, 2 Star Align, EQ Align
  • 8.2Kg Nett Assambled Weight
  • Single Fork Arm Mount Alt-Alz With Wedge
  • Dual Axis Servo With Optical Encoder Driver


Included Items

  • Celestron Astrofi 5 Telescope 
  • Celestron Astrofi Computerized Mount
  • 1.25'' Stainless Steel Tripod
  • Red Dot Finder Scope
  • 1.25'' 25mm Kellner Eyepiece
  • 1.25'' 9mm Kellner Eyepiece
  • Celestron Mirror Diagonal
  • Smartphone Adapter
  • Celestron User Manual
  • Skyportal Astronomical Software