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CDK 20'' Telescope

RM 150,000.00

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Corrected Dall Kirkham F/6.8 Imaging Telescope

This Is Latest Innovation And Technology. Based On Original Dall Kirkham Telescope, New Improvement Done To Make Image More Perfect, Suitable For Research Grade. It Can Illuminated Image Circle Of 70mm Well Corrected. This Telescope Is Built With Pyrex Mirror, No Active Cooling System Required. 

This Is Also Great For Visual, It's Central Obstruction Is Acceptable 39% By Diameter. Fast F/6.8 Focal Ratio With 3400mm Focal Length. Require A Paramount ME II Or Astrophysics 1600 Go-To Mount For Precise Tracking. Can Be Supported By EQ8 Mount



  • 500mm Primary Mirror Aperature
  • Corrected Dall Kirkham Design
  • 3400mm Focal Length
  • F/6.8 Focal Ratio
  • Primary Mirror : 92% Reflectivity
  • Secondary Mirror : 96% Reflectivity
  • Corrector Lens : 99.5% Tranmission Coating Per Surface