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Touptek 2600C (ATR3CMOS26000KPA) IMX571C Colour Astronomical Camera

RM 4,999.00


Touptek 2600C Features Sony IMX 571 Colour Sensor With Built In Dual Stage High Performance TEC Cooling Cooling Camera Up To - 42 Degree Below Ambient. Powercooling TEC Cooling Make Cooling Much Faster And Cooler Than Most Other Brands TEC Cooled Camera. Our 2600C Is Using AR Window

Large 512MB DDR3 Memory Buffer Provides Higher Stability For Data Transfer

Built In 4 Stage Adjustable Dew Heater On Window Allow You To Customized Requirement Of Anti Dew Depending On Humidity An External Temperature

Supported On Native Driver And ASCOM Driver. Usable On Software Like NINA, APT, Sharpcap, Stellarmate, Firecapture Etc

Includes Carrying Case And Power Adapter

Drivers And Software Available Here


  • Sony IMX 571 Colour Sensor
  • 6224x4168 Resolution
  • 16 Bit ADC
  • 3.76um Pixel Size
  • 28.3mm Diagonal
  • 23.4mmx15.7mm Sensor Size (APSC)
  • 512MB DDR3 Buffer
  • Dual Stage TEC Cooling, -42 Degree Below Ambient
  • Adjustable 4 Stage Dew Heater Ring (6W Peak Power)
  • 13.3FPS @ Max Resolution (8 Bit)
  • > 80% QE
  • 51Ke Full Well Capacity
  • 1.14-2.4e  Read Noise (LCG)
  • 1.16-2.15e Rea Noise (HCG)
  • AR Window
  • USB 3.0 Port x1, USB 2.0 Port x
  • 17.5mm Back Focus With M42F Adapter
  • 12.5mm Back Focus With M42M Adapter
  • 12V 3A Power Requirement
  • Software Bin Supported 1x1 to 8x8
  • Hardware Bin Supported 1x1, 2x2

Included Items

  • Camera

  • M42-M48 16.5mm Spacer

  • M42-21mm Spacer

  • M48M To M42M 0mm Adapter

  • M42M 12.5mm Short Camera Adapter

  • Hard Case

  • Power Adapter 12v 3A

  • USB 3.0 Cable 1.5m

  • Dust Cap